Tea Tree Shaping Cream Review

Tea Tree Shaping Cream Review

Today we are reviewing the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream. This cream supposedly thickens and strengthens your hair, allowing for a better fix. This is a popular product nowadays. You can very easily style short hair with it and it will hold perfectly for a couple of hours. Here is a more in-depth review of this product:

If you are an Eco-conscious person, then you will love this product. Apart from its styling properties, it’s also an all-natural product. It does not contain any parabens, and it’s safe to use on colored and dyed hair. In addition to this, it is vegan-friendly and it has no animal product among its ingredients. This product contains lots of natural ingredients such as Australian tea tree oil, extract of Shea butter, eucalyptus and many more.

Tea Tree Shaping Cream Reviewtea tree shaping cream

However, does the tea tree oil make a difference at all in this styling cream? The answer is: yes, it does. Here is how. This is an essential oil that is widely used for a lot of purposes. It contains anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties. In this product, however, it works a little differently. What it does is to prevent dandruff and strengthen the hair strand. It goes easily on the hair, without clumping it or leaving your hair oily. The tea tree oil gives it a pleasant, natural scent.

Most styling products work best on fine hair, but this one also does its job on thicker hair too. You need to use only a little bit to get the results that you want. Plus, it washes out very easily. The best upside of the product is the lasting hold of it. Because of its flexible compounds, your hair won’t be stiff. Instead, it will still look natural and moveable. A lot of shaping creams leave your hair all stiff and crackly after you apply them. This is not the case here. Due to the moisturizing properties of the tea tree oil, your hair will remain soft.

In conclusion, the Tea Tree Shaping Cream is a good product that works on every type of hair. It does not clump, has a pleasant smell and you can remove it easily. It is the best you can ask from this type of product.

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