The Brown Fat Diet

The Brown Fat Diet

Yellow fat takes up the whole majority of the fat in our body and it usually makes us look flabby. On the other hand, brown fat is healthy and it helps with keeping us youthful looking. The Brown Fat Diet is a 4 week diet and exercise plan meant to help you develop muscle mass. Mostly, this diet plan focuses on women and on boosting their metabolism. Here is what this diet consists of:

The Brown Fat Diet

brown fat diet

In order to keep your metabolism functioning properly, you have to eat approximately 6 times a day. This also includes before and after workout meals, to help you build muscle mass. The good news is that you have one day a week when you can eat whatever you want, within reason.

While on the brown fat diet you can eat a wide variety of foods. To get your intake of carbs, include whole-grain pastas, breads and cereals into your meals. High carb fruits, vegetables and lean protein are also recommended. Try to avoid processed foods and other artificial flavors and preservatives. If you are a fan of wine or caffeine, you will be happy to know that you do not have to give them up.

What makes this diet more effective than others is the exercise plan included in it. You have to do core exercises and weight training a few days a week. Workouts should not take more than 30 minutes but you should stick to the routine for those 4 weeks.

The Brown Fat Diet

While studies have shown that the brown fat diet had effective results, it is not certain that it leads to weight loss in only 4 weeks. However, even though there is no research to back up this diet, you can still improve your appearance with it. By following this schedule and eating small portions of healthy foods you can shed some pounds. By getting rid of the empty calories, you can focus on losing weight, as long as you don’t overdo it on your cheat day.

If you are suffering from diabetes or kidney disease, the brown fat diet may not be for you. By alternating between proteins and carbs, your blood sugar levels can become either too high or too low. Consult with your doctor before following this diet and he will prescribe a good dietary plan for you.



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