The Reasons Behind Weight Fluctuation

The Reasons Behind Weight Fluctuation

One frustrating thing that happens when you diet is to have weight fluctuations. Sometimes your scales indicate something completely different considering the efforts you put in. You might even gain a pound or two without doing anything in particular. What is to do in this situation? What is the cause for a weight fluctuation?

The Reasons Behind Weight Fluctuation

Water retention. This condition appears either because you drink too little water or because you ate too much salt. When you do not hydrate yourself enough, your body stores water to use later. As for salt, when you eat too much of it, your kidneys will hold onto it. Some women retain water a couple of days before their period. These pounds will disappear on their own later.

The amount of food you eat. Do not think about calories, think about the weight of the food. If you’ve eaten a pound of salad or fruit, it will show on the scales. Think of it like jumping on a scale while holding onto your plate of food. Once you digest it, the weight will disappear.

Glycogen stores. Glycogen is one type of carbohydrate that your liver and muscles usually stores. It amounts to one pound in total, with maybe two pounds of water. This represents your body’s reserves of energy and it depletes if you do not eat enough carbohydrates. A weight fluctuation can occur when you cut out your reserve of carbohydrates.

The Reasons Behind Weight Fluctuation

Therefore, in order to avoid confusion, what is an accurate way of weighing yourself? There must be a method to know if you’ve gained or lost weight or if it’s simply something else. Here are some tips. Try to weigh yourself once a week, and not every day. Always hop on the scales in the morning, and not after you’ve eaten.

In addition to this, look at your weight changes overall, and not on small changes from a week. Also, appreciate your success by the fit of your clothes. Numbers are just numbers in the end. What is important is how you look and how you feel.

All in all, a weight fluctuation might no represent a cause of concern. If the difference between your weights is noticeable, then it might have a different cause. In that case, make sure to consult a doctor to check for what the cause might be.



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