Can You Use Thyme Oil for Fungus?

Can You Use Thyme Oil for Fungus?

A thickening or yellowing toenail usually means that you have nail fungus. Also, when you have it, it is a total eyesore. If left untreated, the condition can get much worse. The good news is that you can safely treat toenail fungus and regain your healthy nails. There are a couple of ways in which you can treat it, one of them being to use thyme oil for fungus.

When you start noticing that your nail looks different, it means that the fungus has been there for awhile. Now it just reached the point where it starts causing damage. Many people think that it goes away by itself, but this is actually not true. Over time, it can get much worse. Your nail can even fall off. This is why you should start treating it as soon as possible. Thyme oil is one of the essential oils that you can use for this problem.

Thyme has been used for thousands of years in order to heal different types of health problems.

thyme oil for fungus

Many people swear by thyme oil for fungus. When you use it as an essential oil, it immediately kills of the fungus under your nail. This is due to its antibacterial properties that can cure the infection in the area. But it is not used only in medicine, but also in gastronomy. Being a great Substitute For Majoram.

Can You Use Thyme Oil for Fungus?

This oil is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is put two to three drops of it onto a cotton swab and press it onto the toenail. Make sure to cover the surrounding skin as well, in case there is any bacteria there too. This allows the oil to soak under the skin and under the nail as well. Keep in mind that this is a slow process and it will take some time to see the results. However, there are people who managed to see improvements even after one month.

This method is easier than taking over-the-counter medicine and it poses no side effects. You can try using thyme oil for fungus instead.

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