Tokyo City Break

Tokyo City Break

The capital city of Japan, Tokyo is one of the highest rated cities in the world. From population, economic power, to cultural influence and Michelin stars. Home to the Emperor’s Palace and the seat of Government, the city is worth exploring. Consequently, it offers traditional Japanese cuisine, numerous museums, festivals and theaters.

Among the most famous Tokyo attractions we can include:

The Imperial Palace. A large park-like area built well over 500 years ago, the palace is still used by the Emperor and his family. Built on the site of the old Edo Castle, the palace encompasses and archive, museums and the administrative offices.

Asakusa and the Sensō-ji Temple. Among top Tokyo attractions, the famous shrine dedicated to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of compassion, still retains much of ittokyo city breaks original appearance. Thus, the entrance to the temple is dominated by the Thunder gate and tourists can heal their bodies with the help of the famous Incense Vat.

Tokyo Attractions

Tokyo National Museum. With more than 100,000 important works of Japanese, Chinese and Indian art, the museum is the pride of Japan. Other exhibits include Buddhist sculptures, historical weapons, clothing, ceramics and pottery. Thus, tourists can marvel at the display of Japanese paintings and exquisite Japanese and Chinese lacquer-work from various centuries.

The Meiji Shrine. Assembled as a tribute to Emperor Meiji and his wife, the shrine had to be rebuilt after WWII, due to the extensive damage that it suffered. It is one of Tokyo’s most important religious sites. Consequently, the shrine is surrounded by an evergreen forest, a museum and a collection of murals in the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery as a tribute to the emperor and empress’ lives.

The Tokyo Skytree. The country’s tallest structure, the tower offers the tourists an incredible panoramic view from its restaurants and observation decks. Built in a Neofuturistic style, the tower serves as a primary and television broadcast site for the Kanto region.

At the top of the list of Tokyo attractions are temples, museums and gardens. Tokyo beautifully combines the old and the new, the green and the urban to make up a harmonious city rich in history, culture and arts-oriented.

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