Top 10 Travel Destinations

Top 10 Travel Destinations

To begin with, take a trip of a lifetime to this top 10 travel destinations and prepare to be amazed. By their architecture, culture or locals.

Here are our top 10 travel destinations that you should definitely go to:

Nepal. A favorite destination for mountaineers and trekkers, the country is a powerful exhibit of natural beauty and inspiring scenery. With many sacred sites, its architecture and iconography is an interesting mix of Nepalese and Indian, Chinese and Tibetan culture. And with a luxurious display of wildlife, Nepal should be your first choice for travel.

Colombia. The innovative and enchanting cities of Medellin or Cartagena attract more and more tourists each year. So, here you can the country’s coffee growing region. Or go trekking through the ruins of the Lost City or sunbathe on the white sandy beaches.

Cuba. With exciting restaurants, art centers and lush Caribbean culture, Cuba is atop 10 travel destinations traveler friendly country. It has a lot to offer in terms of culture and variety.

Travel Destinations

Jordan. Middle East’s most remarkable destination, Jordan is a paradise of beaches and coral reefs. It alsoo impresses with its mountains and Mars-looking landscapes.

Albania. A mistery country to most, Albania is a beautiful display of beaches along the Ionian coast, mountain lakes and Ottoman architecture. It is a great destination for those of you who like to wander around.

Romania. Well protected behind the Carpathian mountains, Romania has a lost to offer in terms of arts, culture and wilderness landscapes. Regardless, Romania is a relatively cheap but breathtaking vacation spot.

El Salvador. It has some of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the world and impressive hillside coffee plantations and volcanoes. El Salvador is a cheap, but great adventure.

Wales. With some of the finest natural landscapes in Europe, the underestimated country is of extraordinary beauty. But it also has remarkably preserved historical sites.

Kenya. With most of the travel bans lifted, the country offers an impressive wildlife display. You can also enjoy white sandy beaches along the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka. With impressive colonial towns, lively bazaars and delicious, coconut-heavy cuisine. So, the country is a delight for any gourmand and is one of the finest islands in the world.

All in all, don’t wait any longer and book your flight to one of these top 10 travel destinations today. Go and explore the wilderness, interact with friendly locals and expand your horizons.

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