Various Lemon Uses

Various Lemon Uses

Being able to use them for cooking and for beauty treatments is what makes lemons amazing. This citrusy fruit has antioxidants that can cleanse your kidneys and it can even strengthen your immune system. However the list of lemon uses is longer than you’d think. Below we compiled a number of uses for this super fruit that you need to know about.

various lemon uses

Various Lemon Uses

Stop Rice From Sticking Together. We all know how troublesome it is when rice sticks to the pot when cooking. However, lemon comes to your rescue! The next time you are making rice, try adding a couple of drops of lemon juice to your water. This will keep the rice from sticking together. An added benefit is that now your rice will look whiter. Just imagine how it will look like when served next to some vegetables!

Prevent Browning. Do you want to prepare a platter of sliced fruit but you’re afraid they’ll turn brown? Do not worry. The lemon uses extend to this area too. Squeeze some drops of lemon juice onto your bananas, avocados, apples or other fruits and vegetables. The acidic nature of lemon juice stops the oxidation process and your fruit won’t turn brown anymore. Now you can serve sliced-up fruit without having to worry that it will look unaesthetic over time.

Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs. Did you know that brushing the shell of your eggs with lemon juice prevents them from cracking during boiling? Even if that never happened to you before, try this little trick for some extra insurance. In addition to this, the lemon juice also makes it easier to peel the shell once the eggs are done.

Various Lemon Uses

Clean the Cutting Board. From time to time, your cutting board needs some proper disinfection. After all, you chop onion, fish, garlic and other smelly things on it. Sometimes just washing it won’t take away the lingering smell. Lemon uses help you even here. Try washing your cutting board with lemon juice or rub half of a lemon over it. Apart from disinfecting it, now it will also have a pleasant smell.

Deodorize Your Garbage. If your garbage bag is starting to smell, throw it some lemon peels to freshen it up. As easy as that.

In conclusion, there are Various Lemon Uses that you may not have known about. There are many more to be found, if you are willing to experiment with this little fruit. Do not hesitate to use it in your daily life, because more often than not, it can help you out.

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