Walking Barefoot Benefits

Best Walking Barefoot Benefits

In this modern society what we live in it is very hard to get rid of our shoes. Walking barefoot is very healthy for our body. Even if you are walking barefoot for 10 minutes, you can improve a lot of things in your body. Every time when we are walking barefoot, our body creates a conductive connection to earth’s magnetic field. Here we have the best walking barefoot benefits:

3 Best Walking Barefoot Benefits

Improves our posture. Being all day long in shoes, our foot muscles become weaker. In combination with bad posture at the office and weak foot muscles, our posture is affected drastically. Simply walking in your yard for 10 minutes a day will improve your foot muscles. Try to stay barefoot as much as you can when you are working in the yard.

Best Walking Barefoot Benefits

Sleep quality. Remember when you were to swim in a natural place, such as a lake or ocean the last time? That night you had a great sleep. This happened because you walked barefoot on the sand that day. All your positive ions were exchanged with negative ions. This helps a lot when you want a quality sleep. Also, walking barefoot tend to balance your circadian rhythm to give you a better sleep and awake.

Increases your senses. Because you wear shoes all the time, your sensory experiences in walking on sand, grass or pebbles are missing. Your feet tend to transmit many informations to your body thanks to all the nerve endings and the pressure points available in your feet. If you wear shoes all the time, these pressure points and nerve endings will stop working. When walking barefoot, your brain is more alerted, being aware of all the little dangers on the ground.

You don’t have to push yourself to walk as much as you can barefoot. For start, you can walk for a few minutes. Once you feel comfortable, you can try to add 5 more minutes. Trying to walk for a long time at start can be uncomfortable and will make your experience bad.

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