Water Yoga: Benefits

Water Yoga: Benefits

Whether you do it on land or in water, yoga can have lots of benefits and positively impact your health. Water yoga can be a great way to shake things up, as well as lose some weight and tone your body. You can experiment with different body weight sensations and movements and have fun while doing so!

Here are some known benefits of water yoga:

You can practice your balance. Although it might be hard and, at times, frustrating to master some yoga poses, they will become easier once you’re under water. And by improving your balance, you can gain the confidence to try them on dry land as well.

You will be able to relieve pain. With a low-impact on the body, water yoga is a great pain reliever. Whether it’s joint pain or injuries, this type of yoga will help you recover faster and eliminate putting too much stress on your muscles and joints.

It helps you focus on aWater Yogalignment. Without the added stress of having to hold your body up or maintaining proper form and alignment, you can focus on other things. Water will make you float and you can be more attentive to other components such as hip alignment, core engagement or the extension of your arms.

Water Yoga

You can take up new challenges. Although it might pose easier exercises, water yoga also poses some difficulties for some. Different poses engage your body different and you might have to find innovative ways to engage your core or maintain a pose under water.

It can help you find peace. This type of yoga will not only relax your body, but also your mind. You can submerge yourself under water and still your speeding thoughts. Take deep breaths, sink under water in a lotus pose (if possible) and embrace the calm and quiet.

These are just some of the known benefits of water yoga. This type of yoga can bring you all the peace and quiet that you might need, for both your mind and your body. Some poses are easier to practice than on land, while some other require more innovative approaches. Whatever the case might be, it is an enjoyable and relaxing way to pass the time, while exercising your body. You will feel the build-up stress leave your body and an overall feeling of calmness taking over. Enjoy!



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