Weight Loss Surgery Dangers

Weight Loss Surgery Dangers

Usually, the drastic weight loss associated with the weight loss surgery can cause many side effects. The weight loss surgery dangers are many, and we present a couple of them below. If you want to consider such a surgery, keep these in mind:

First of all, immediately after the surgery we mention the risk of an infection, blood clots in the legs and internal bleeding. Excess skin can also be one of the risks of such a surgery. While this surgery removes the excess fat, it cannot cause the skin to revert to its original tightness. For this reason, if you are obese, you may be left with excess rolls of skin.

Most of these rolls show up after 12-18 months after the surgery. They are ugly and also hard to keep clean, therefore you are at risk of developing rashes. In order to remove the excess skin you can resort to cosmetic surgery. The prices can vary from 1.500 to 6.000£.

Gallstones are also one of the risks you can expose yourself to. As the name indicates, they form in the gallbladder and in most cases they don’t provoke any symptoms. However, if they get stuck in a duct, they can inflame the gallbladder. In this case, you get a strong pain in your tummy, are nauseous and vomit.

Weight Loss Surgery DangersWeight Loss Surgery Dangers

A worsening mood can also be one of the dangers of this procedure. Social situations can be awkward because you are self-conscious of your reduced capacity to eat. Moreover, after your initial worry of losing weight is resolved, you are still left with other problems. This is when most people have to start coping with their other, neglected issues.

There is also the risk of death. No surgical procedure is ever 100% safe. However, the outlook for these procedures is quite high due to the modern technologies. The risk of dying after a weight loss surgery is around 1 in 1000.

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