What Motivates You?

What Motivates You?

This is the most common question at a job interview. What Motivates You? If your answer is wrong, the interviewer will decline you. There are many others trouble questions which can confuse you. But it is very hard to answer to this one in particular.

What Motivates You

What Motivates You?

All the interviewers want to know What Motivates You. Even if they ask you directly, or they use another form of it. The most common variant of this question is “What are you passionate about?”. When you hear this, you become confused. But, in reality, you don’t have to. If you want that job and you think it fits perfectly for you, you should be sincere. If you answer by your feelings, you can’t fail or disappoint the interviewer.

The interviewers always want the best employers. If they can answer to this question and the answer is linked to the job, you have great changes to be hired. Always, but always, a motivated employer or team will obtain greater results. Why this happens? Well, this is very simple. When you want to do a task and you are motivated, you have a higher productivity than your colleagues which are not that motivated.

Before you go to an interview, you can think about the possible forms of this question. Furthermore, you can think about the possible answers for this question. There is no “simple answer” for this question. If you respond with a simple answer, you have big chances to be rejected. They want to know if you can adapt with the current team or the targeted job. Try to explain What Motivates You most, and give as much details as you can.

Don’t be afraid of this question. There are a lot of things What Motivates You and you don’t realize. Think about them. Think when you like to work or when you have a big productivity!

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