What To Do When I Get Coconut Oil In Eyes?

What To Do When I Get Coconut Oil In Eyes?

We all know and love coconut oil for its many uses and benefits it offers us. Whether it be for your skin, hair or nails, this product does wonders.  However, what do we do when we get coconut oil in eyes? As ridiculous as this seems, it tends to happen. You might accidentally rub your eyes with dirty hands or have it drip from your scalp into your eyes. Regardless, here is what you need to know when this happens.

First of all, do not be nervous and try to calm down. Coconut oil is not harmful and does not contain any chemicals. Quite the contrary. Coconut oil has lots of minerals which, even though might not help your eyes, it won’t damage them either. However, it can make your eyes feel quite uncomfortable. The good news is that the feeling is only temporary. As any kind of oil does, it might overwhelm your vision. Your eyes are not capable of absorbing all of it.

What To Do When I Get Coconut Oil In Eyes?coconut oil in eyes

Coconut oil in eyes can be quite scary and disturbing, especially because of the blurred vision. What you need to do once this happens is to clean your eyes. Try washing with some clean water or physiological saline substance. In addition to this, try blinking your eyes more. This helps gather all of it in a single place, making it easier to clean. If you have artificial tears, try using that too.

At its core, coconut oil is not harmful, therefore you have no reason to worry. As mentioned before, coconut oil is not toxic, but has lots of anti-bacterial properties. Due to its oily texture you might feel uncomfortable. Try not to rub your eyes, because this can spread it around and cause more irritation. Just try to wash your eyes as thoroughly as you can. Should you get an allergic reaction such as swelling or redness, seek medical attention immediately.

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